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As Team Leader, it’s my job to play to people’s strengths and in turn offer exceptional service to our borrowers, referral partners, and national builder accounts. My goal is to create a “Client For Life” by offering exceptional service and creating “Wow” moments with everyone I encounter. I believe there is no such thing as over communication and stress the importance of “under promising and over delivering.” Because of this, our team is 100% referral based. I am a passionate person and play at 100% in all areas of my life. Knowing the importance of balance between work and play, I practice living in the moment, spending time with real people, and I’m grateful for all the gifts I been given – most of all my wife Terri and son Brody. I work hard, play hard, and laugh often.

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“Ok Zackry we are going to be traveling at speeds of up to 90 miles an hour with 150 other cars winding through the hot dusty desert and I need you to help me navigate the race.”  Day 1 of racing is all preparation.  Checking in.  Filling out authorization forms.  Checking the car from top to bottom.  Discussing our game plan.  Double and triple checking all the details from bolts to our communication system.   At what point will we have any pit breaks?  Who is a part of our team and what do they do?  In case of trouble in the car here is our plan and/or strategy.  Who or what can get in our way and what will we do about it?  What are our responsibilities to ensure success?  Success in a race does not come down to just the driver, it comes down to managing all finite details and all those who play a part.  As the leader of the race team and driver you have to manage all these team members, car details, and drive your way to the finish line with as minimal challenges as possible.  All the while being prepared for the unknown that only experience can get you through.  As I was sitting at the starting line looking at all the other cars I could not help to start and think…  Is everything prepped and ready to go?  Did they check this car over from top to bottom?  Did I make the right decision in getting into this car with Michael, the driver?  Is he qualified to drive this fast and do I trust him to take me to the finish line safely?  I have never done this before and I can’t help but feel anxiety as the car revs up to take off across the desert for 160 miles of unknown terrain.  The gun goes off and the race begins.  There is no turning back now as I stare at a computer screen, with blinding dust, cars all around us, gravel flying in our face, bumps shaking the car, and a heart that is beating through my chest.  I can only look forward and navigate.

That day as I sat in the race car, I could not help but think and feel all the parallels of racing and buying a home.  My clients are personally referred to me to make typically the biggest investment of their lifetime.  Usually for the first time or for only a handful of times prior.  But no matter how many times it is same the feeling of nervousness and stress that comes with such a large financial decision.  We make a game plan and discuss all details.  Here are the potential items we need to be aware of.  There is a team that will be a part of your purchase and are equally a part of your success.  This is how we will communicate. We cannot forecast the unknown but I can share my 15+ years of experience to successfully help you reach your final destination of a new home or mortgage.  Everything is prepped in advance, but as soon as you enter into contract to buy a home it is like the starting line of blinding dust.  Fear and excitement of ownership wash over you all at once.  And you have chosen me to navigate you to the finish line.  You have put your trust in me and I do not take this for granted.  I have put trust in my team and they don’t take it for granted.  We realize this is the biggest investment of your life and we are going to get you to the finish line.  Every day I strap into the race car with new clients and the thrill that I get from it keeps me back at the racetrack every morning.

I thank my clients from over 15+ years until present day for the opportunity to navigate their race.  Every day I live my passion in helping and being of service to others.  My name is Zackry Cooper, and no I am not a race car driver.  I am the navigator of your mortgage tied to the biggest investment of your life.  Your home.

Check out this link that includes live recorded footage of my race:


Zackry Cooper

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It’s early 2008 and the mortgage collapse is fully upon us.  There was blood in the streets and carnage upon our industry.  Mortgages were the last place people wanted to be.  Yet I stood there in middle of the fire helping as many as I could.  Literally 5-10% of the industry was leaving the business monthly and daily institutions collapsed.  I asked myself why am I still standing here as the rest of the industry burns to the ground?

From day 1 I have been fascinated by 2 things; compounding interest and helping others fulfill their dreams of homeownership.  My fascination for compounding interest came from a college class called Engineering economics as I was studying to be an engineer.  And my passion for helping others fulfill their dreams came from my memories of my parents losing a home early on in my life and the effects it had on our family.

For 18 years, I have been a Trusted Adviser.   Trusted because I have experienced both the peaks and the pits of the mortgage industry.  From a time where money used to flow like to cheap wine and to a time where money could not found.  And through all of this I am still standing and have become a weathered champion.  And what keeps me moving through all of this is my fascination of compounding interest and helping others fulfill their dreams of homeownership.

I have to come to learn the best avenue for me to express my fascinations is through the conversation of real estate.   And the most powerful position inside of this conversation of real estate is being the Trusted Mortgage Adviser.  I realized the mortgage is the hub of the real estate conversation.

It was in this realization the vision of the Golden Wheel and the Trusted Advisers Network was born.  No matter the peak or the pit of the industry all conversations yielded ways to help others spin their financial wheels better.  Some wheels were flat, some wheels didn’t spin, and some wheels were blown out.

If you want to understand The Golden Wheel and not just undress financially we can have the conversation.  Yes, you can expect to get your mortgage but as well you can expect the Trusted Advisers Network to help you be reminded, optimized, and protected in your process of fulfilling your dreams.  My name is Zackry Cooper and I am not perfect but the peaks and pits have made me a weathered champion.

If you would like to schedule a conversation to learn more about the Golden Wheel and our Trusted Advisers Network reach to me at

And in the meantime don’t be left naked and with a flat tire.


Zackry Cooper

Trusted Mortgage Adviser

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Is It True? Is It Absolutely True?

As I sit here at my desk this rainy morning in the New Year, I was thinking about what I wanted to share as I have not been in touch with my family, friends, past clients, and business partners for awhile. I wake up every morning around 5a to work my morning routine and prepare for my day. This routine starts with a meditation and then some journaling of my personal revelation. Today, I wanted to share a tool with you that has transformed the way I think about things. I have always been someone who strives for more expansion in my life in all areas, but before I could expand I had to realize the stories I was telling myself that limited my growth. I was clogged up with “shoulds”, self-limiting stories, and judgements of myself and others that “should” do something or act a “certain” way. “We are disturbed not by what happens to us but by our thoughts about what happens.” This is when I learned suffering or being lost in my own thoughts, good or bad, was really optional. And behind suffering or self-limiting beliefs was a thought. I share this with you because in the New Year everyone thinks about what they want to accomplish, change, and even eliminate in their life. So many times in years past I would look at my journal, business plans, and goals I had set out to accomplish, and noticed that many times I would not have accomplished certain items. As I took a deeper dive, I realized that most of what I had not accomplished was due to some story I was telling myself. These stories can be about others, why you are different from others, it is too hard, I don’t have the resources, something came up, it’s not really that important to me, someone else interfered, my boss, etc.… You get it. There are a million stories or reasons we tell ourselves.

This is when I learned about the “The Work” and my life forever transformed. Today, anytime I have a judgment or opinion of myself or others that occupies brain space I log them in my journal. These entries mainly consist of “shoulds” or beliefs of acting, doing, believing, or anything that occupies space in my brain about myself or others. I keep this log and “do the work” on it in my morning ritual. These thoughts range from petty to big, from my wife should not act a certain way or should realize this or that, my coworkers or employees are frustrating me in not executing something, I should be a better leader, a family member that annoys you at holiday dinner, or I should create or eliminate this habit, etc. Anytime you use the word should for yourself or someone you are most likely caught up in a story or judgment. We allow these stories and judgments to have power over us and occupy our minds holding us back from what we really want. So, today I give you the gift of “The Work” by Byron Katie. The work is a simple worksheet that allows you to process all this stuff and create new beliefs and action items for all the “shoulds” in your life. As you plan your new year and all the things you want to accomplish I encourage you to create a habit of “The Work” and dump all the baggage that you may not even know you are carrying around.

This system has proved invaluable to me in my personal life and business life. Speaking of personal life, last year I shared an amazing year with my beautiful wife Terri, my almost 2-year son Brody, and my family. Our son has really brought our family closer and I am loving the experience of being a father. I want to thank you for all of your support in my business. Last year our business was over 75% personal referrals from past clients, friends, family, and business partners we work with. I look forward to an even better 2017 with each of you and wish you all a prosperous new year. I am here to support you anyway I can. Cheers and don’t forget to do “The Work.” Find it at:


Zackry Cooper
Team Leader / Senior Loan Advisor
925.297.6177 x101