I want to thank everyone for an incredible year.  2010 has come with challenges but all of you have stepped and call yourself a survivor.  No longer are you a survivor, you are a professional in a professionals market.  I am proud to support your business and thank you for all the support you have given my team and I.  I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and am excited to work with you in 2011.  So,  go home and be joyful with your family and know that I am grateful to have you in my life.  I have provided 5 Quick Tips for 2011 (see below).  Enjoy…

1. Realize only the GREAT agents are going to make it.

To truly be considered a great agent, we must realize good isn’t good enough any longer. We must commit to excellent service and an exceptional experience for our buyers and sellers. It is not about fancy logos or cute slogans. It is about making sure that anything that can be done to help, is done. That commitment separates us from the pack and enables us to be certain that our current customers will easily recommend us any chance they have.

2. Realize it is the MISSION, not the money.

One of the things that definitely separate ‘good’ agents from ‘great’ agents is the belief that, if we do the right things every day, success is guaranteed. Get up early, get dressed for work and then get to work. We must have faith that by doing so, the money is guaranteed. When we have that type of belief in our business, we concentrate on our mission, not the money. We can rest easily at night because we put in a good day’s work.

3. Know how to communicate points simply and effectively.

Seth Godin put it best: “That what you tell them, they will not believe. That what they tell themselves, they ALWAYS believe.”

The sales process has changed forever. Top achievers realize that it is no longer how well we ‘sell’ our proposition. Instead, it now is about educating the consumer so they can pick the proper option for themselves and their families. If we agree that educating the consumer is the key to success, we must communicate with so much more than words today. Visual depictions (graphs, charts and tables) of the information make it much easier for the consumer to comprehend. Top real estate professionals spend hours on making sure that their four presentations (listing, buyers, price adjustment and presenting the offer) are true learning experiences. They load each presentation with great graphic examples of each and every point they make.

4. Have a ‘talking point’ every day.

People are so thirsty for good, current information on the housing market. If we are the resource of that information, we will be seen as the expert in our market. Visit the KCM Blog ( and read it every day with your morning coffee. Share the posts when appropriate.

5. Build your listing inventory.

The first few months are crucial in determining how you will finish 2011. If you owned a shoe store, you would want it to be well stocked so that every customer could find something that fits. It is no different in real estate. Make sure your real estate ‘store’ is well stocked

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