Where Will Your Sails Take You in 2011?


It’s our philosophical set of the sail that determines the course of our lives. To change our current direction, we have to change our philosophy, not our circumstance.” ~ Jim Rohn 
The big Christmas holiday is now behind us. It seems that the day builds up for weeks (months if you’re under 10-years-old) with shopping, baking, wrapping, traveling and then after a frenzy of wrapping paper, lots and lots of eating, smiles and hugs with family members and a few Alka Seltzers before laying down our heads, it’s all over.

Take down the tree, put away the stockings and throw away the cookies you just can’t find any more room for in your belly. New Year’s Eve is will be here quickly and then…it’s on to 2011.

This next week between Christmas and New Year’s Day we’re kind of like ships in a harbor, just waiting for our next excursion. Our anchors are down and we’re resting up. Some of us might be scraping some barnacles from our hull, adding some fuel to the tank or filling up the galley with needed items for our journey.

Rest up this week because starting next week, it’s “Anchors Up!”

When you take control of your sails in 2011,
you WILL take control of your sales in 2011.


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