It’s early 2008 and the mortgage collapse is fully upon us.  There was blood in the streets and carnage upon our industry.  Mortgages were the last place people wanted to be.  Yet I stood there in middle of the fire helping as many as I could.  Literally 5-10% of the industry was leaving the business monthly and daily institutions collapsed.  I asked myself why am I still standing here as the rest of the industry burns to the ground?

From day 1 I have been fascinated by 2 things; compounding interest and helping others fulfill their dreams of homeownership.  My fascination for compounding interest came from a college class called Engineering economics as I was studying to be an engineer.  And my passion for helping others fulfill their dreams came from my memories of my parents losing a home early on in my life and the effects it had on our family.

For 18 years, I have been a Trusted Adviser.   Trusted because I have experienced both the peaks and the pits of the mortgage industry.  From a time where money used to flow like to cheap wine and to a time where money could not found.  And through all of this I am still standing and have become a weathered champion.  And what keeps me moving through all of this is my fascination of compounding interest and helping others fulfill their dreams of homeownership.

I have to come to learn the best avenue for me to express my fascinations is through the conversation of real estate.   And the most powerful position inside of this conversation of real estate is being the Trusted Mortgage Adviser.  I realized the mortgage is the hub of the real estate conversation.

It was in this realization the vision of the Golden Wheel and the Trusted Advisers Network was born.  No matter the peak or the pit of the industry all conversations yielded ways to help others spin their financial wheels better.  Some wheels were flat, some wheels didn’t spin, and some wheels were blown out.

If you want to understand The Golden Wheel and not just undress financially we can have the conversation.  Yes, you can expect to get your mortgage but as well you can expect the Trusted Advisers Network to help you be reminded, optimized, and protected in your process of fulfilling your dreams.  My name is Zackry Cooper and I am not perfect but the peaks and pits have made me a weathered champion.

If you would like to schedule a conversation to learn more about the Golden Wheel and our Trusted Advisers Network reach to me at

And in the meantime don’t be left naked and with a flat tire.


Zackry Cooper

Trusted Mortgage Adviser

NMLS# 285975

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